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House Of Anubis - Season 2 Episode 69-70

Description: It';;;s a new term at Anubis House and Nina is glad to be back. But soon, a major new mystery unfolds - one that is infinitely more dangerous than anything they have encountered before. In Season 2, Mick leaves Anubis House and moves to Australia, and a new student named Eddie Miller joins their dorm. Eddie is later revealed to be Edison Sweet, Mr. Sweet';;;s American son. Eddie begins dating Patricia. Nina and Sibuna are forced into helping an evil Egyptian woman, Senkhara, to find a relic called the Mask of Anubis, which is located a series of chambers under the house.
Type: Serie
Quality: HD
Episode length: 11 minutes
Release date: 2012
Stars: Alex Sawyer
IMDB Rating: 7.5
Country: United States

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