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House Of Anubis - Season 3 Episode 32

Description: In Season 3, a new teacher Miss Denby comes to the school and seems to hang out with Victor and Mr. Sweet often. New characters K. T. Rush and Willow Jenks comes to the school. Eddie has a vision of K. T.';;;s dying grandfather giving her a key and telling her to go to Anubis House. Eddie and K. T. do some snooping around the house while Fabian tries to decipher a series of codes mistakenly given to Amber. The race to find the reflectors continues as Sibuna members decipher who can and cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, old enemies resurface, horrific discoveries are made, and backstabbing is at its worst. Will the curse be lifted?
Type: Serie
Quality: HD
Episode length: 11 minutes
Release date: 2014
Stars: Alex Sawyer
IMDB Rating: 7.5
Country: United States

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